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my life..
Essay Page

In depth...

Sometimes, a topic that I've touched on in one of my log entries may need a little elaboration, or I may want to put thoughts scattered around many entries together in one place. And so I'll periodically contribute short essays to this site.

For example, I might include an essay on a controversial subject, like the effectiveness of capital punishment. Or I might write a personal essay about growing up or about my philosophy of life or child-rearing.

Writing essays requires a little more work than writing log entries, but it also gives me a chance to really shape and express my thoughts.


the only constant thing in nature is CHANGE . that's what i can say about my life. changing every second...

i am saddened by the growing animosity against muslims throughout the world. lets try to do whatever we can to resolve this conflict. i suggest u go through the following websites..

bangalore is doin well. to see it goto

it seems tauseef is taking an exit & coming soon to india. chatted with them last week. afsha has grown so beautifull.

my sister nazira is engaged to be married next year after her degree.

shuaib & ruksana are doing well. i meet sajjad often. they r constructing some new apartments. i think istiaq's family is gonna stay there.

it's good to know u've not forgotten me. i can understand how busy u r. anyway thanks for the mail.

as always i ask for u to send me ur snaps along with ur family's. but u havent yet.

i've got a job at DeLL. i'll be joining them soon.

at present i have no intentions of going abroad.

lets see what's written for em in fate.

of late i havent seen any new movies, but for reloaded , hungama, tere naam.

on tv i see only astitva on zeetv, reality tv, national geographic, discovery, star movies & hbo.

will keep u updated on the happenings in my life . for learning more about myself and my thoughts check out..