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welcome to my abode on the net....

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first let me tell u about myself..
Slim. Fair.
I have tremendous interest in internet & computers in general. My other interests are: CHESS, SWIMMING , CYCLING , READING , WRITING , MOVIES , MUSIC , TV , RADIO, PENPALS, TRAVEL , TABLE TENNIS, CRICKET, AEROMODELLING , POOL, & PROGRAMMING.. my motto in life is to prepare for life BEFORE & AFTER death .
My favourite author is sydney sheldon. I read a lot of non-fiction . my other favouerites r dale carnegie & isaac asimov. My favourite cartoon character is CALVIN , & , GARFIELD. I read a lot of magazines such as READER'S DIGEST, YOUNG MUSLIMS DIGEST. ISLAMIC VOICE, SUN , TEENS TODAY, FILMFARE, CHIP, PC QUEST, ETC..ASIAN AGE IS MY FAVOURTITE NEWSPAPER. Some movies I like r SATYA, JAB PYAR KISI SE HOTA HAI, JERRY MAGUIRE, MATRIX, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, AMERICAN BEAUTY, RUMBLE IN THE BEONX , ETC.. My music favourites r LUCKY AL I,ENIGMA, STING , CHER , MICHEAL JACKSON, YANNI , KENNY G , ROBERT MILES, MADONNA, ETC.. I like to listen to slow songs & instrumental. Tv channels NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC , DISCOVERY, HBO , ETC... I have penpals througout india & many other countries such as IRAN , PAKISTAN , GERMANY, GUYANA, GHANA, KOREA, BELARUS, ...I love writing to them & reading their letters. I hane travelled most of india except east India. Ooty is my favoutrite desttination.
Hope that's not boring for u to read.

I am doing bachelor of engineering in TELECOMMUNICATIONS. i have to goto seventh semester. I t is very exhaustive. Bangalore as u know is one of the fastest growing cities of asia. I have many friends but none nery close.
I hope that will suffice & u wont have to complain that I dont say about myself...

then my site is about many things , and that includes obsessive compulsive disorder.. ( ocd )

After searching the whole of internet i've found that there is no dedicated site dealing with pcychological disorders which also offers tips for its cure & management . I look forward for ur co-operation & feedback.

First let us understand what is obsessive compulsive disorder popularly known as OCD. It belongs to the category of anxiety disorders.A person suffering from it may not know about it at all . He becomes trapped in a pattern of repetetive thoughts & behavoirs that are senseless & distressing but extremely difficult to overcome.OCD occursin a spectrum from mild to severe, but if severe & left untreated it can destroy a person's capacity to work, at school,office or even at home.

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My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: strings
Favorite TV show: cheaters
Favorite movie: matrix
Favorite book: the holy quran
Favorite sports team: india
Favorite food: chinese

My Hobbies

that's me.....
can u read my eyes ?

a lot ... including making new friends..

for more information on ocd please click on faqs ( frequently asked questions ) on OCD.

Most Admired

my mom!

my idol..
all my love is for her..

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learn about ISLAM , for salvation..

my favourite site.. but be strong ..


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